CS 395T
The Economics of Technology

Fall 2003

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Time: TTh 12:30-2:00

Location: GEO 2.202

Don Fussell fussell@cs.utexas.edu
Bill Mark billmark@cs.utexas.edu

Office Hours: TTh 5:00-6:00 in our respective offices


The class syllabus is online here.

Class email list: cs395t-et[@]lists[.]cc[.]utexas[.]edu
Anyone in the class can post to the list. All students, instructors, and auditors are on the list. Students are encouraged to use the list for class-related discussions.

Mid-term paper

The mid term paper should be around 10 pages (single spaced, 12 pt).
If it's shorter than 5 pages or longer than 20 pages, something is probably wrong.
The topic is of your choosing; one possibility would be to answer one of the daily reading questions in more depth. We expect that you will find and cite a few additional additional references to support your arguments.
Due date Oct 30.

Final paper

The final paper is an original, in-depth paper due on the last day of class. It is expected to include a carefully thought-out thesis or analysis with substantial supporting arguments, evidence, and background research/citations. You may choose the topic, subject to approval by the instructors. One possibility is to analyze why a particular topic or technology succeeded or failed in the marketplace, but we expect more than just an obvious repetition of the historical record.

Some additional readings related to the class are here; they might be useful for final papers.

Now that the class is over, here are some of the final papers:


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